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Trailer Types

No matter what you haul, we have the right semi-trailer for you.  We offer an extensive inventory of new and used semi-trailers that include open deck, heavy haul, extendables, dumps, tanks, rolling tarp and curtain van systems, dry vans, and more. If you’re looking to buy a new or used trailer, contact one of our highly qualified consultants today. We look forward to partnering with you!

Trailer Types

Belt Trailers

  • Also referred to as “self-unloading trailers,” belt trailers are designed to haul commodities and have a conveyor belt or chain-and-flap assembly built into the floor to quickly unload their cargo.


Bottom Dump Trailers

  • These semi-enclosed trailers are used to haul heavy loads of loose materials

Bottom Dump Trailers for Sale

Chipper Trailers

  • Used when hauling wood biomass, chips, and other small materials.

Chip / Refuse Trailers for Sale

Double Drop Decks

  • Open trailers designed to transport extra tall loads as well as heavy equipment

Double Drop Deck Trailers for Sale

Drop Deck Trailers

  • Often referred to as step decks, and single drops
  • Built much like flatbed trailers, except they have a “gooseneck” (upper and lower deck with different length options) which drops the trailer height to a lower level behind the tractor

Drop Deck Trailers for Sale

Dry Van Trailers

  • Enclosed trailers used to transport products that do not require a temperature controlled environmentand needed for dry goods

Dry Van Trailers for Sale

End Dump Trailers

  • High sides and ½ rounds
  • Used to haul loose materials (such as crushed concrete, gravel, scrap metal, wood, etc.), any type of demolition and rebuilding
  • Constructed with raised sides an open top and a gate in the rear for unloading.

End Dump Trailers for Sale

Extendable Trailers

  • Flatbed, double drop, drop deck or Lowboy trailers that have the capability to be extended

Extendable Trailers for Sale

Flatbed Trailers

  • Often referred to as floats, flats, straight beds
  • Between 24’ to 53’ long and 96” to 102” wide and made of steel, aluminum or a combination, with suspension options that meet your load requirements and hauling needs

Flatbed Trailers for Sale

Grain Hopper Trailers

  • Commonly used in the farming, agricultural and oilfield industries. Used by farmers to help harvest their crop and transport it from the field to the silos or mills or marketplace to sale. The oilfield industry has put grain hopper trailers to use for hauling frac sand.

Grain Hopper Trailers for Sale

Hydraulic Tail Trailers

  • Drop Deck trailers equipped with a hydraulic flip tail

Hydraulic Tail Trailers for Sale

Live Floor Trailers

  • Also commonly referred to as a walking-floor trailer, live-bottom trailer, or self-unloading trailer
  • Often uses a conveyor belt or some other type of system run by hydraulics that slides the floor rearward to push or slide the load out of the trailer at a controlled pace.

Live Floor Trailers for Sale

Lowboy Trailers

  • Also referred to as low deck trailer
  • Lowboy trailers allow you to haul oversized heavy, tall, earth moving equipment such as cranes, back hoes, farm tractors, etc.

Lowboy Trailers for Sale

Reefer Trailers

Reefer trailers, short for refrigerated trailers, represent a critical innovation in the transportation industry. These specialized trailers are designed to transport goods that require a controlled temperature environment, ensuring that perishable items like food, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals reach their destination in optimal condition. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the world of reefer trailers, understanding what they are, the various types they offer, their applications, the advantages they bring, and how the expert consultants at Great Western Trailer can assist you in selecting the perfect reefer trailer to meet your specific transportation needs.

Reefer Trailers for Sale

Side Dump Trailers

  • Semi-enclosed trailers used to haul loose materials

Side Dump Trailers for Sale

Slide Axle Trailers

  • Slide axle trailers tilt to allow equipment to be rolled or driven onto the trailer
  • Excellent for transporting equipment

Side Axle Trailers for Sale

Tank Trailers

  • Used for hauling liquids such as gasoline and alcohol, or various types of gases, generally bottom loaded with the ability to recover any waste vapor for safety reasons.
  • A Pneumatic Tank trailer is a large body tank trailer that empties via a pump and forced air. It is primarily used to transport building materials, food products and chemical products.

Tank Trailers for Sale

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