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Double drop deck trailers, also known as lowboy trailers or lowbed trailers, are highly specialized equipment designed for transporting oversized and heavy cargo. With their unique construction and design, double drop deck trailers offer enhanced capabilities for accommodating tall and bulky loads. We are one of the nation’s largest semi-trailer sales dealers, and we offer a wide selection of the industry’s leading semi-trailer manufacturers. These include Fontaine Trailers, Fontaine Heavy Haul, Wilson Trailer Company, Heil Trailer International, Extreme Trailers, Side Dump Industries, Transcraft Corporation, CPS Trailers, and more. Browse our double drop deck trailers for sale.

Understanding Double Drop Deck Trailers

Double drop deck trailers are a type of specialized trailer that features two lowered deck sections, offering a drop in height from the front and rear compared to the central portion of the trailer. This unique design allows for the transportation of tall and oversized cargo while maintaining compliance with height regulations. The lower deck sections enable the trailer to accommodate loads that would otherwise exceed legal height limits for traditional trailers.

Double Drop Deck Trailer Applications and Uses

  • Heavy Machinery and Equipment: Double drop deck trailers are widely used for transporting heavy machinery and equipment, including construction machinery (e.g., excavators, bulldozers, cranes), agricultural machinery (e.g., tractors, combines), and industrial equipment. The lower deck sections provide the necessary clearance to safely transport tall and bulky equipment.
  • Oversized and Irregularly Shaped Cargo: These trailers are specifically designed for hauling oversized and irregularly shaped cargo, such as large tanks, wind turbine components, bridge beams, prefabricated structures, and other oversized loads that cannot be accommodated by standard trailers. The lowered deck sections allow for easy loading and unloading of such challenging cargo.
  • Construction and Infrastructure Projects: Double drop deck trailers are commonly utilized in the construction and infrastructure sectors to transport building materials, including steel beams, concrete components, and bridge sections. The trailers’ low deck height and increased load capacity make them ideal for carrying heavy construction materials.
  • Energy and Oilfield Equipment: In the energy and oilfield industries, double drop deck trailers are crucial for transporting large and heavy equipment, such as drilling rigs, generators, compressors, and storage tanks. These trailers can navigate challenging terrain and provide the necessary clearance for transporting tall equipment commonly used in these industries.
  • Specialized Freight and Logistics: Double drop deck trailers are also employed for specialized freight transportation, including the movement of oversized and heavy cargo across various industries. They offer versatility and flexibility to transport a wide range of goods and equipment that require unique loading and unloading solutions.

Advantages of Double Drop Deck Trailers

  • Height Clearance and Compliance: The primary advantage of double drop deck trailers is their ability to transport tall and oversized cargo while adhering to height restrictions. The lowered deck sections ensure compliance with legal height limits, eliminating the need for permits or escorts.
  • Increased Load Capacity: Double drop deck trailers offer a higher load capacity compared to traditional flatbed trailers. The lower deck sections can accommodate heavier and bulkier cargo, allowing for the transportation of larger and denser loads.
  • Versatile Loading and Unloading: Double drop deck trailers provide versatile loading and unloading capabilities. The lowered deck sections facilitate easy and safe loading and unloading of tall and heavy equipment or cargo. The ramps and removable goosenecks enhance efficiency and accessibility during the process.
  • Stability and Safety: These trailers provide enhanced stability and safety during transit. The lower center of gravity ensures a more secure transport experience, reducing the risk of cargo shifting or instability on uneven terrain.
  • Customization Options: Double drop deck trailers can be customized to meet specific requirements. Tailored features such as extendable decks, removable goosenecks, detachable rear ramps, or specialized tie-down systems can be incorporated to accommodate different types of cargo and specific transportation needs.

Experts in Double Drop Deck Trailers For Sale

Selecting the appropriate double drop deck trailer that aligns with your specific transportation needs can be a complex task. Expert consultants specializing in trailer selection and heavy haul logistics can provide valuable guidance and support in this process.

Expert consultants will assess your requirements, considering factors such as the type and size of cargo, weight capacities, load dimensions, road regulations, and any specialized features or customizations needed. They will leverage their expertise and industry knowledge to recommend the right double drop deck trailer that ensures efficient, safe, and compliant transportation of your cargo.

Double drop deck trailers are indispensable assets in the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo. With their lowered deck sections, these trailers offer versatility, increased load capacity, and compliance with height restrictions. By seeking the advice of expert consultants, you can confidently select the right double drop deck trailer tailored to your specific needs, ensuring efficient and secure transportation of your valuable cargo or equipment.

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