Trailer Rentals - New & Used Semi Trailers for Sale & Lease

Trailer Rentals

Discover a comprehensive selection of semi-trailers tailored for both short-term and long-term rental durations. Embracing a hassle-free, cost-efficient, and flexible approach to fleet management, our rental program simplifies the process of adding, removing, or upgrading trailers according to your business needs. Eliminating the worry of extra mileage charges for long-term rentals, our commitment to DOT compliance ensures that every rental meets regulatory standards for a secure and legal transportation experience. To further enhance your rental experience, we pride ourselves on a seamless rental return process, facilitating a smooth transition without unnecessary hassles. With a vast inventory valued at millions of dollars, we provide a diverse array of unique and affordable semi-trailers to meet the specific demands of your business operations. We offer a variety of manufacturers including Benson, Chameleon, CIMC, CPS, CTS, Doonan, Dorsey, East, Extreme, Fontaine, Fontaine Heavy Haul, Great Dane, Hyundai, IMCO, Kalyn Siebert, MAC, Manac, Pitts, Side Dump Industries, Strick, Trail King, Transcraft, Travis, Vanguard, Wabash, Western, and Wilson trailers.

Why Rent Semi-trailers?

  • Easy:

    Ease of obtaining and disposing of equipment.

  • Cost-Efficient:

    Minimal cost of administration, registration, maintenance, and licensing.

  • Scaleable:

    Ability to add, delete, or upgrade as needed.

  • Cash-Flow:

    Minimal financial commitment
    (keep off-balance sheet to increase ROI).

  • Low-Maintenance:

    Ease of maintaining a new fleet.

  • Flexible

    Rent from a week to a year.


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