Fontaine Revolution Flatbed Trailers: The Proven Workhorse in Trucking

A Revolution in the flatbed trailer industry. All aluminum construction, StirLITE® floor, RASRTM siderail, Bolt-on bumper… This trailer is built like no other! Bigger payloads at a lower cost per mile. Join the Revolution.®

fontaine flatbed trailer

Ordinary trailers twist, bend and flex under heavy loads as they travel the highways, causing road friction and resistance that is uncomfortable for drivers, loosens loads, and robs your bottom line as tires wear out faster and fuel economy suffers.

The patented Revolution® unitized floor, made possible by StirLITE® friction stir welding technology, helps the trailer track straight and true reducing road friction so tires can last up to 30% longer and fuel economy can improve up to 3%.*

The unitized design maintains the integrity of the trailer geometry under load and under centrifugal force. This unprecedented stability greatly reduces “side-bow” so properly secured loads are less likely to shift in transit. This important feature reduces the potential for dangerous rollover situations.

  • Lightest trailers in their class
  • Biggest payloads in their class
  • Up to 3% better fuel economy*
  • Up to 30% longer tire life*
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Lighter, stronger StirLITE® friction stir welded unitized floor
  • RASRTM siderails withstand side impacts that send other trailers to the repair shop
  • Faster user-friendly load securement
  • New bolt-on bumper cuts repair time to keep you out of the shop and on the road Superior durability

* Tire and fuel savings are due to the structural integrity of the Fontaine Revolution  trailer design. It does not twist and ‘scrub’ tires running down the expressway like typical I-beam/crossmember trailers do. So fleets that haul long distances on the interstate highway system are more likely to see this benefit, and fleets that haul shorter distances and/or do local deliveries are less likely to see this benefit. As every fleet operator knows, there are a host of factors that affect fuel and tire savings so results do vary.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Axle placement and legal load ratings are dependent upon multiple factors including federal, state and local regulations, GAWR, and tire ratings.

Fontaine Revolution all-aluminum trailers are available in popular tandem, tridem, spread axle and slide axle configurations to meet the legal requirements of the U.S. and Canada.

fontaine trailer side railFontaine Trailer RASR Siderail
The Fontaine RASR routed aluminum side rail is 12x stronger than the competition with more load securement options. Plus, it’s DOT-rated the full length making load securement much easier. The recessed side rail face protects conspicuity tape for better visibility, longer life, and reduced maintenance cost, and keeps you DOT compliant. Also available arecChain tie-downs, EASY to use and STRONG
(5,500 lbs working load limit). You can slide them anywhere on the deck with ease, and then stow them away in an optional tool box rack when not in use.

fontaine trailer floorFontaine Trailer StirLITE Aluminum Floor: “The Patented Floor Design Is Made Possible…”
The patented floor design is made possible by proven technology borrowed from the aerospace industry–StirLITE® friction stir welding. The supports are built into the StirLITE® floor and joined together by friction stir welding. This unitized floor design means more strength at less weight, reduced road friction, and stability that reduces “side-bow.”

fontaine trailer bumperFontaine Trailer Revolutionary Bolt-On Bumper
Revolution trailers will feature a new bolt-on bumper that meets current FMVSS/CMVSS standards. It looks great and cuts repair time dramatically! No cutting. No welding. Just bolt on and go! The new design includes round LED lights that are readily available coast-to-coast for easier repair/replacement. The new bolt-on bumper makes repairs faster and easier to help keep your equipment out of the shop and on the road.

fontaine trailer sliding winch trackFontaine Trailer Sliding Winch Track
Includes a sliding winch track on both sides of the trailer for driver convenience and quicker, easier load securement.

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Revolutionary tire life–Up to 30% longer tire life!

  • Unitized design maintains superior straight-line tracking down the road to extend tire life
  • Tandem tires lasted 240K miles in road tests (compared to typical tire life of 140K)
  • Super single tires lasted 120K miles in road tests (compared to typical super single tire life of 80K)

Revolutionary driver convenience

  • Drivers really appreciate the superior handling and comfortable ride thanks to the unitized design
  • Chain tie downs and chocks can be positioned anywhere on trailer deck
  • Patented retention devices make strap securement and tarping quick, easy and convenient

Revolutionary safety

  • Unitized design virtually eliminates “side bow”– even in spread axle applications to help prevent rollover situations
  • Patented design virtually eliminates shifting and loosening of secured loads
  • Up to 30% longer tire life
  • Up to 3% better fuel economy

Revolutionary lighting and electrical system

  • Fontaine’s patent pending signature lighting system by Grote is a simpler design with 60% fewer connections for superior reliability
  • Wiring harness positioned under center of trailer to shield it from tire spray and inclement weather
  • LED lights protected by recessed design of aluminum tail skirt, harness and connections protected by bolt-on cover plates
  • Comprehensive 10 year warranty on entire lighting system

Revolutionary Fuel Savings–Up to 3% better fuel economy!

  • Lighter weight, improved aerodynamics and superior straight-line tracking reduce road friction for
    better fuel economy
  • Real world, driver documented fuel savings (amount varies depending on application and conditions)

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