Fontaine Trailers for Sale

Fontaine Trailers has established itself as a leading manufacturer and provider of high-quality trailers for a wide range of industries. With a rich history spanning several decades, Fontaine has earned a reputation for delivering durable, reliable, and innovative trailer solutions. We are one of the nation’s largest semi-trailer sales dealers, and we offer a wide selection of the industry’s leading semi-trailer manufacturers. Browse our Fontaine trailers for sale.

Understanding Fontaine Trailers

Fontaine Trailers offers a diverse selection of trailers designed to cater to different transport requirements. Their product range includes flatbed trailers, drop decks, lowboys, extendable trailers, and more. Each trailer type serves a unique purpose, allowing customers to choose the perfect option for their specific cargo and hauling demands.

  • Flatbed Trailers: Flatbed trailers are the most common type of trailer offered by Fontaine. They feature a flat, open deck with no sides or roof, making them ideal for carrying a variety of goods, including construction materials, machinery, equipment, and large containers. Flatbed trailers provide versatility and flexibility in loading and unloading cargo, making them highly sought after in the transportation industry.
  • Drop Decks: Fontaine’s drop deck trailers, also known as step deck trailers, feature a lowered deck height in the rear section. This design allows for additional vertical clearance, making them suitable for transporting taller cargo. Drop decks are often used for hauling heavy machinery, industrial equipment, and oversized goods that may exceed standard height restrictions.
  • Lowboys: Lowboy trailers are specifically designed for transporting exceptionally heavy and oversized loads such as construction machinery, industrial equipment, and other large objects. They feature a low deck height and a detachable gooseneck, allowing for easy loading and unloading of heavy equipment.
  • Extendable Trailers: Fontaine’s extendable trailers provide a unique solution for transporting long, oversized cargo. These trailers can be extended or contracted to accommodate varying cargo lengths, ensuring efficient and safe transportation of exceptionally long loads, such as wind turbine components and bridge beams.

Advantages of Fontaine Trailers

Fontaine Trailers offer several advantages that set them apart from their competitors:

  • Durability and Reliability: Fontaine’s trailers are built with high-quality materials and rigorous engineering standards, ensuring their durability and longevity. They are designed to withstand the demanding conditions of heavy-duty hauling, providing customers with reliable performance and minimizing downtime.
  • Innovative Features: Fontaine integrates innovative features into their trailers to enhance functionality and efficiency. These include aerodynamic designs for improved fuel efficiency, advanced suspension systems for enhanced stability and ride quality, and intelligent load securement systems to ensure cargo safety.
  • Customization Options: Fontaine understands that every customer has unique requirements. They offer a range of customization options, allowing customers to tailor trailers to their specific needs. Whether it’s adding additional axles, choosing specific load securement systems, or incorporating specialized equipment, Fontaine can provide customized solutions to meet diverse hauling demands.

Expert Consultation for Choosing the Right Fontaine Trailer

Finding the ideal trailer for your specific needs can be a challenging task. That’s where our expert consultants come in. With their in-depth knowledge of Fontaine trailers and extensive experience in the transportation industry, they can guide you through the selection process, ensuring you find the perfect trailer to meet your requirements.

  • Assessing Your Needs: Our expert consultants will work closely with you to understand your cargo type, weight, dimensions, and other critical factors. By assessing your specific needs, they can recommend the most suitable Fontaine trailer type and configuration.
  • Providing Tailored Solutions: Based on the information gathered, our consultants will present you with a range of customized solutions. They will take into account your budget, transportation routes, and any special requirements to ensure the recommended Fontaine trailer is a perfect fit.
  • Expert Advice and Support: Our consultants will provide you with detailed information on the features, advantages, and limitations of different Fontaine trailers. They will answer your queries, address any concerns, and offer professional advice to help you make an informed decision.

Experts in Fontaine Trailers for Sale

Fontaine Trailers offer a wide variety of trailer options designed to cater to different cargo types and transportation requirements. Their trailers are renowned for their durability, reliability, and innovative features. By consulting with our expert team, you can ensure that you find the perfect Fontaine trailer to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s a flatbed, drop deck, lowboy, or extendable trailer, our consultants will guide you through the selection process, providing tailored solutions and professional support at every step. Invest in a Fontaine trailer and experience the quality and performance that has made them a trusted name in the industry.


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