Fontaine® Introduces Versatile Infinity Forklift Trailer

forklift trailer

When you come to a forklift in the road … haul it! This factory built solution is extremely durable and handles multiple forklift brands with ease.

  • Patented RASRTM Routed Aluminum Side Rail with- stands forklift impacts 12x better than the previous industry-standard design
  • Steel counter-balance built into floor at the front for improved handling when returning empty
  • Fontaine XtremeBeamTM mainbeam features 130K load bearing flanges for greater strength and durability
  • Aluminum floor is light in weight and steel reinforced for greater durability
  • Includes mounting brackets to handle multiple forklift brands with ease
  • Convenient electrical connection to power forklift lights when traveling
  • Multi-position upper wheel stop provides flexibility to handle multiple forklift models and tire sizes
  • Convenient fold-away bumper makes forklift loading fast and easy
  • Lower wheel pad is strong yet easy to detach if not required for your forklift application

Not an aftermarket add-on kit! Designed, engineered and factory manufactured by Fontaine, the trucking industry leader.

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