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We proudly manufacture and install our own proprietary customized curtain van kits that convert flatbed trailers into curtain vans (also known as curtain-side trailers). Our curtain vans are excellent tarp solutions. Easy to use, extremely safe, and incredibly durable, they also provide you great flexibility. Not only do our curtain vans provide the versatility of a flatbed, but they also provide the functionality of a dry van. In addition, our simple-to-use curtain system allows quick, easy-access to three full sides of the trailer. That makes loading and unloading fast and efficient, and you can easily execute partial loads and unloads. You can purchase an entire curtain van solution from us, including the flatbed trailer. Or, if you would like to convert your own flatbed trailer into a curtain van, our expert service technicians can retrofit most make and model flatbed trailers to utilize our kit.

Start of the Wall

Building the Wall

Sheeting the Front Wall

Sheeting the Front Wall

Completed Front Wall

Completed Rear Wall

Building Rear Doors

Prep Front of the Trailer

Roof Pole Location

Front of Wall Installed on Trailer

Prep Roof Rail

Rear Wall Installed on Trailer

Roof Rails and Roof Poles Installed

Roof Rail Installed

Roof Rail Attached to Front Wall

Roof Rail Attached to Front Wall

Roof Rail Attached to Rear Wall with Roof Bows

Roof Bows Installed on Roof Rail

Completed Roof Rear Trailer

Completed Roof

Completed Curtain Van Build

Completed Curtain Van Build

Completed Curtain Van Build

Completed Curtain Van Build

Completed Curtain Van Build

Curtain van trailers, also known as curtain-side trailers, are a common type of trailer used in the transportation of goods. These trailers are widely used in the logistics and shipping industries.

What are Curtain Van Trailers?

Curtain van trailers are enclosed trailers that have a flexible curtain covering the sides of the trailer. The curtain is held in place by tensioning mechanisms and can be easily opened and closed. This design allows for quick and easy loading and unloading of goods and makes it easier to secure and protect cargo during transportation.

Curtain van trailers can come in various sizes and configurations, including single-axle, tandem-axle, and tri-axle trailers. They can also have different loading capacities. The trailers are typically made of steel or aluminum and can be fitted with various types of equipment, such as tail lifts, forklift pockets, and side guard rails.

Benefits of Curtain Van Trailers

One of the main benefits of using curtain van trailers is their flexibility. The curtains can be easily opened and closed, allowing for quick loading and unloading of goods. This is particularly useful in industries where time is critical, such as the transportation of perishable goods or just-in-time deliveries. The design of the trailers also means that they can be loaded from the side, which is useful when goods need to be loaded in tight spaces.

Another benefit of curtain van trailers is their versatility. The trailers can be used to transport a wide range of goods, from pallets of goods to large machinery. They can also be used in different types of transportation, such as road, rail, and sea. Additionally, curtain van trailers can be customized to meet specific requirements, such as adding insulation for temperature-sensitive goods or adding extra security features.

Considerations When Using Curtain Van Trailers

Another consideration is the weather. Although the curtains provide protection from rain and wind, they may not provide enough insulation for extreme temperatures. If goods require a specific temperature range, additional insulation or refrigeration may be needed.

Also, it is important to ensure that the weight and size of the cargo are within the legal limits for the trailer. Overloading or improperly loaded cargo can cause accidents, damage to the trailer, and fines.

In conclusion, curtain van trailers are a popular type of trailer used in the transportation of goods. Their flexibility, versatility, and customizable features make them useful in various industries and transportation types. However, it is important to consider factors such as cargo security, weather, and legal limits when using curtain van trailers. By taking these factors into account, businesses can effectively use curtain van trailers to transport goods safely and efficiently.

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